The combination of sensor and Coef-h software for the most complex thermal diagnostics

More than just a sensor, the combination of the sensor and Coef-h software provides you with precise, reliable and fast measurements of the most complex heat transfers. The calculation algorithm of the Coef-h software also allows you to provide accurate diagnostics in a clear and intuitive way.

Conditions of use

The Coef-h algorithms calculate the physical quantities of the thermal phenomena in your facilities, whatever your mode of use: on a test bench for characterization and laboratory testing or directly in your processes to optimize your production


Integrate Coef-h calculation algorithms into your existing supervisory solutions to quantify and diagnose fluid heat transfers/conduct your continuous industrial processes and to monitor important heat exchange coefficients for maximum optimization of your processes.

Test benches

Measure the heat exchange coefficient of your plants accurately and reliably and analyze their thermal characteristics, time and frequency at a glance with the Coef-h software.

  • Optimization of operating conditions to minimize heat loss for the development of eco-efficient processes

  • Monitoring of pipe clogging
  • Characterization of the toughness of thermally-stressed materials
  • Characterization of the heat-exchange coefficients of construction materials

A comprehensive and intuitive software for advanced diagnostics

A complete set of features designed to manage, calculate and analyze the data of your Coef-h sensors. Their ease of use, speed and power will streamline your thermal diagnostics. Numerous standard features and advanced customization possibilities to suit your most specific needs.

The Coef-h software has many computing, graphic and export features. These features enable the user to obtain a rapid interpretation of the most complex thermal phenomena, in a temporal or frequency manner.

Software features list

We can also develop specific plugins that can directly integrated into the standard Coef-h User Interface in order to help you perform the analysis operations specific to your business

Customization options

A full range of associated services to make optimal use of the sensor and software power


Need assistance in configuring or using the Coef-h software? Questions about the physical phenomena at involved in your facility?

Our proposal

Support by email, access to forums to share your experiences with other users, access to training courses on the software or related physical phenomena, technical documentation… Subscribe to an annual support plan to benefit from all these services (included the first year of license acquisition)!

Software development

“Specific calculation requirements about the data measured by the Coef-h sensor? Visualization or reporting methods adapted to your profession?

Our proposal

Entrust us with your requirements and we can produce them for you as plugins in the Coef-h software. Benefit from a team of engineers specialized in numerical analysis and industrial computing to implement features that will be essential in your daily use of the software.


“Need technical or scientific expertise to integrate new phenomena related to the thermal behavior involved in your processes or test benches?

Our proposal

In collaboration with CEA-DTN, thermal researchers are available to provide you with the answers to your most complex questions. Concrete results can even be integrated into your own Coef-h software as a plugin.