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You benefit from the software’s functionalities to analyze your measurements. The user license is permanent, you can use the software as long as you use your sensors. The first year, you have access to the latest software updates (evolutions and corrections), as well as to the customer service.
After the first year of support provided with the Coef-h license, you can subscribe to an additional year of support that will allow you to access the Coef-h customer service, the database and the support team. Contact us for more information on this additional support contract.
Integrate your specific modules into Coef-h and benefit from its analysis facilities in your daily activities.

The Coef-h software allows you to use the Coef-h sensor measurements. With its numerous functionalities (configuration, graphical visualization, numerical calculation, export of results), the Coef-h software is the most efficient way to analyze thermal transfer phenomena in your installations. This software is a graphical software that runs on the latest versions of Windows (7,8 or 10), 32 or 64 bit versions.

Features and functions

  • Acquisition: Get the signals from your Coef-h sensors directly produced by LabVIEW, at the sampling frequencies required by your specific needs. Process the measurement hours of the Coef-h sensors of your facility simultaneously.
  • Calculation: Based on the measurements, estimate the key thermal parameters of your experiment (internal wall temperature, heat flux and heat exchange coefficient) as a function of time. In addition to this, you can also benefit from a frequency analysis of these quantities in the form of spectral densities that will enable you to analyze the thermal characteristics of your facility at a glance!
  • Analysis: use the graphical analysis mode of Coef-h to analyze the results of the software on your measurements. Zooms, positioning cursors, copy and paste values into Excel, retrieving graphics in the form of images in your office tools, Excel or PDF export, printing from the application… All these features will allow you to edit experience reports efficiently.
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Because the needs of companies are all different, we have designed Coef-h from the very beginning as an open source software that can be extended to the most specific needs of users, while offering robust features for calculating thermal quantities. We can develop plugins for you that will allow you to benefit from your own Coef-h extensions in order to make the software more powerful and better adapted to your daily needs.

  • Acquisition : use the data from your existing acquisition systems by supporting the associated file formats or connecting Coef-h directly to the acquisition systems.
  • Calculation : specify your needs in terms of pre-processing or post-processing of thermal data, we will integrate them in a plugin thereby combining all the tools necessary for your business in the same software.
  • Analyse: do you need specific graphical analysis features or data consolidation modalities to be even more efficient in your daily activities? Specify them to us and we will make them for you and only for you!
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The Coef-h software comes with a perpetual license that allows you to use it throughout the lifetime of your facility. This license comes with a one-year warranty and one year access to the latest updates, support structures and basic documentation.

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Coef-h is the solution to measure your heat exchange.

Powerful and numerous features, upgrade possibilities and adapted support…
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